Families in Ministry


How can we do justice to Jesus’ commission (Matt. 28) when we have a family and a responsibility for our children?



  • Discipling the Nations
  • Discipleship Happens in the Context of Primary Relationships
  • Family Life Has Long-Term Implications
  • Pioneering, Mobility, Flexibility, and Cultural Identity – The Blessings and Challenges
  • Living in an International Community
  • A Healthy Family Creates Energy
  • A Healthy Family Functions as a Team
  • Clearly Defined Rules and Consequences
  • Called to Ministry as a Whole Family
  • Training the Family Team Including the Children
  • Recognizing and Cultivating Gifts and Callings
  • Praying for One Another


Personal Testimonies:

  • School and Sports – A Stepping Stone into the Culture
  • Growing Up as a “Missionary Kid“
  • Learning from Mistakes
  • Linking the Generations
  • Loving Relationships – Not Just Ideas


Key Phrases:

  • God has a special task for each family.
  • When we discover cracks in the foundation of our family, we can either ignore them or take those things to God and work them through.
  • A family needs to be healthy in its core in order to be able to bless others.
  • Communication and time together are keys to family team unity.
  • We need clearly defined rules that reflect our values.
  • Children want strong parents.
  • The gospel becomes flesh and blood as we relate to our spouse and children.
  • Success depends on how well the team is trained.