Love Needs to be Expressed


Strong families express their appreciation for one another and communicate well.  To appreciate someone means to express their value or worth, to “treasure” them.



  • How Do We Know That We Are Loved?
  • Love Must Be Felt
  • The Five Languages of Love
  • Avoiding Misunderstandings
  • Love Is About the Other Person
  • Discovering the Love Language of Your Spouse and Children
  • Communication Bridges the Gap
  • How Does Verbal Communication Work?
  • Listening — A Valuable Gift
  • Making Sure Your Spouse Feels Understood
  • Different Levels of Communication


Personal Testimonies:

  • About Priorities and Trust — Life in a Goldfish Bowl
  • You Can Be a Mom Once!
  • Interview With Keith and Marilyn Hamilton (REAPP)


Key Phrases:

  • To appreciate someone means to express their value or worth – in other words, to “treasure” them.
  • If my spouse or child expresses and experiences love in a different way than I do, I need to learn his or her love language.
  • A request makes a way for love to be expressed, a demand cuts the way off from love.
  • Relationships develop through communication.
  • Human beings have a deep need to be understood.
  • The key lies in both people truly waiting to understand each other.


by Georg & Christine Schubert