Andreas and Angela Fresz

We are Andreas and Angela Frész. We‘ve been married since 1980, we are blessed with 2 children (both married) and 8 grandchildren.

The photo below shows us 30 years ago.
Don’t we look like a happy family?

Of course we smiled for the photographer. We also smiled for our neighbours and at church. But at home we were often wondering how to stay married and not kill anybody.

We were battling with huge differences in personality and family background and at the same time lacking understanding of relationship dynamics and relationship skills. Divorce seemed to be the only way out.

Fresz FamilyIf it hadn’t been for Family Ministries, we wouldn’t be together today. Participating in a family camp saved our marriage. It was there that God revealed to us his ideas for marriage and family life and we understood it’s a lifelong covenant and we can count on God’s help. The biggest revelation for us was to realize we have the potential to destroy each other and our family. But we could use the same potential to become a strong marriage team and build a strong family. We had a choice. And so do you.

The changes we experienced in our marriage and family became visible for our neighbours, colleagues at work, at church. When we shared with them about our journey as a couple, people wanted to know more and as a result we could lead many to Jesus.

Our passion for families got us to speak and teach in 70 nations.